🌟 Exciting Developments on Campus Connectivity 🌐🔆🔌

Today marks the beginning of a promising chapter as we delve into the Physical Feasibility Studies (PFS) for the innovative Omni Flow device. This groundbreaking initiative aims to revolutionize campus life by providing solar light, Wi-Fi access, charging ports, and more, all geared toward ensuring robust Internet connectivity for everyone.

The journey commenced with the PFS for the provision of solar-powered amenities, and soon, we'll be diving into the feasibility of hydroelectricity generation, promising even more sustainable power sources for our campus.

Below, catch a glimpse of the initial stages through these captivating pictures taken during the exercise. Stay tuned for further updates as we pave the way for a connected, sustainable future right here on our campus! 🌍✨ #CampusInnovation #SustainableFuture #ConnectivityRevolution

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