Alumni UK Chapter and Partners Collaborate on FPI Campus Modernization Project

On the 3rd of May 2023, a pivotal initiative unfolded at the FPI campus under the astute leadership of Dr. Akinde Mukail A FCA ACTI as the Rector. The FPI Alumni UK Chapter, spearheaded by their Project Coordinator, Dr. Toksy Ogunfemi, collaborated with representatives from CENF and Argeo Hydropower project to embark on a transformative project.

Their objective was to map out plans for the installation of comprehensive infrastructure including WiFi, solar panels, and charging points across the entire campus. This endeavor aimed not only to illuminate the campus 24/7 but also to provide essential connectivity for staff and students.

The comprehensive Preliminary Feasibility Study (PFS) spanned four intensive days, facilitated by the unwavering support of key individuals including Engineer Sunday Olowofela (the Rector’s Representative and an esteemed Staff/Alumnus), Mr. Abiala (FPI's Public Relations Officer), and Dr. (Mrs.) C. B. Idoro (Deputy Rector). Dr. Toksy Ogunfemi led the study, strongly supported by Pastor Alaba.

The study wasn't confined to boardrooms; it involved immersive exploration. The team walked and drove around the entire campus, culminating their journey at the dam site where the founding fathers initiated water supply in 1978/79. The international partners proposed a groundbreaking plan to harness the dam's potential, aiming to generate 15 to 20 Megawatts of electricity for the campus. Additionally, they discussed utilizing windflow technology to further supplement the campus's power needs.

The successful execution of the Preliminary Feasibility Study owed much gratitude to the unwavering support and cooperation received from the Rector of FPI, dedicated security personnel, and the individuals mentioned earlier. This transformative project heralds a new era of sustainable energy and connectivity, shaping the future landscape of the FPI campus.

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