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The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro (UK) Alumni
The association website is created for former Federal Polytechnic Ilaro students and Staffs to keep in touch with each other and provide support to our Alma Mata.
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Our Role

The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro (UK) Alumni Association consists of mostly graduates of the Polytechnic based in UK from its start to present day.

Membership is open to graduates, staffs and anyone who wishes to support the Polytechnic.
Staying in Contact
The FPI (UK) Alumni Association exist to keep members in touch with the Polytechnic community and also provides an opportunity to liaise with FPI in a number of ways e.g. Communications, reunion meetings etc.
There is at least a meeting once every two – three months with at least reunion event once / twice a year. Members are invited to visit the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro as much as they can accommodate during their visit to Nigeria.
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Supporting FPI Community

The Alumni Association aims to be a very useful part to the FPI community by supporting current students and the Polytechnic as a whole. This may be through Financial contributions and advice, donations of useful equipment’s and transfer of relevant skills.

Our Projects
CENF with RECTOR and Dr
The FPI (UK) Alumni association had carried out a Drone project to the school.
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The FPI (UK) Alumni association helped fund raised £4,000 for Ms Morenike, an old student of the Polytechnic who had cancer and needed urgent surgery
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The FPI (UK) Alumni association have contributed IT equipment’s to the school as well as raised £3,000 towards the project
FBI at 40
The FPI (UK) Alumni Association participated and contributed toward the 40th Anniversary of The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro
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Donated exercise books to Polytechnic Secondary and Primary schools
The FPI (UK) Alumni Association
Message from Current Chairwoman of the Association
Olori Kemi Adedokun Photo

Oluwakemi Bunmi Okanlawon-Adedokun

Step into the world of Oluwakemi Bunmi Okanlawon-Adedokun, a vibrant soul hailing from the heart of Ogun State, Nigeria. My earliest dreams had me soaring the skies as an Air Hostess, a vision that ignited my journey of self-discovery. This led me to explore the realm of professional courses after my secondary education. Destiny, however, had its own designs.

In a twist of fate, I found myself gracing the halls of The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, in 1991. Pursuing a National Diploma Certificate in Secretarial Studies, I proceeded on the mandatory one-year industrial attachment at the then Canaud Metal Box (CMB), Ogba. I then obtained the Higher National Diploma in 1996 from the same department.

While I was at The Federal Polytechnic, I lived off campus at Orita Baba Wosila, nestled within a room in ‘Promise House’. Here, I immersed myself in solitary studies, often perched at the reading table, lost in pages for hours on end. Unlike my peers, I preferred to study at home and visited the library when I needed access to resources I didn’t have at home. I found this helped my concentration, and I was truly grateful that the campus provided the facilities for me to do so.

At this point in my life, I was juggling studies and work. To make ends meet, I ventured into the world of entrepreneurship—embarking on journeys to Lagos to purchase items like food and resell them at school. I’ve always been a “go-getter,” a trait you’ll find at the heart of many Nigerians. If we lack something, we’ll find a way!

In addition to my entrepreneurial nature, I was essentially a living spectacle in my department. I became known as the “Amuludun of Egba land.” Laughter echoed in my wake, a testament to the joyful spirit that illuminated my every step. Lecturers would hail my unwavering consistency and punctuality.

I left such an impact that a lecturer even wrote a book titled “Okanlawon the stubborn girl,” which was a career highlight! I was quite well-known within the walls of my classroom and beyond. The locals would provide me with garri, fresh vegetables, pepper, and other food, specially for me, at no cost - Free of Charge.

FBI at 40 party gift2

As I reflect on those days, the camaraderie and thirst for learning fostered an environment of intellectual growth. My alma mater, the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, was a place of transformation—a fertile ground where tenacity reaped triumph.

However, challenges loomed as cultism cast its shadow, enveloping the campus in turmoil. The echoes of discord reverberated through the corridors, leading to the temporary closure of the stitution. Amidst these trials, I remained unwavering, fuelled by a determination that transcended even the darkest of days.

Throughout my journey, I’ve steadfastly held onto my personal and academic ambitions, steadfastly refusing to let negativity taint my path. Graduation from Federal College Polytechnic, Ilaro marked a pinnacle of achievement—a testament to the fusion of grace, diligence, and unyielding resolve. The echoes of these values have since guided my steps, enriching both my personal and professional pursuits. 

In a leap through time, I find myself years later, a resident of the United Kingdom, yet still deeply connected to the roots that nurtured my dreams.

In 2019, I embarked on a nostalgic journey, returning to Ilaro to celebrate the 40th founding anniversary of my beloved institution. The changes were profound, a testament to the passage of time and the ongoing evolution that shapes my alma mater. The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro is not merely a place of learning; it’s a crucible of potential, fertile soil where dreams take flight.

Armed with determination, success awaits those who dare to embrace its essence. The journey may be arduous, but the rewards are boundless. Without a doubt, it’s a journey worth every drop of sweat shed. I love my Alma mater.

I left such an impact that a lecturer even wrote a book titled “Okanlawon the stubborn girl,” which was a career highlight! I was quite well-known within the walls of my classroom and beyond. The locals would provide me with garri, fresh vegetables, pepper, and other food, specially for me, at no cost Free of Charge. God bless the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro.

Olori Oluwakemi Adedokun (Interim Chairwoman)

Message from the Last Current Chairman of the Association
Pastor Alaba Afolabi

Pastor Alaba Afolabi

Chairman and members of the board of trustees, members of the National executives’ council, Chairmen and members of various branches and chapters and friends.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to this website. This website is to bring to your attention the purpose of this association and to serve as a means of information and interactions.

This website will provide:

1. The news / updates about the association’s activities and developments in the polytechnic

2. To be a source of information between the members and the general public.

I wish to inform you that since the inception of this Alumni group we have been able to assist members and colleagues in various ways e.g.

1. Assist members to get on the property ladder.

2. Assist members in regularising their stay in the United Kingdom.

3. We had also helped a colleague in Nigeria who had a tumour in her eye to come to United Kingdom to have her eye operated successfully.

4. The Association had embarked on many activities and projects for the progress and up lifting our Alma Mata such as:

Donation of Exercise books to the Federal Polytechnic Primary and secondary school. 

Donation to the Federal polytechnic musical band.

Introduction of Drone to the school etc.

Eating in London

I also wish to let you know that in view of our commitments to the school three people were given awards in 2019 Convocation of which two awardees were from our chapter.

I wish you happy viewing and welcome any constructive contributions. 

Thank you and God bless.

Pastor Alaba Afolabi

Former Chairman.

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