The FPI (UK) Alumni association had carried out a Drone project to the school

The FPI (UK) Alumni association had carried out a Drone project to the school, aiming to introduce students to the cutting-edge technology and its applications in various fields. With the rapid advancement of drones in recent years, it was essential for the students to gain hands-on experience and develop skills that would be valuable in their future careers.

Under the guidance of experienced alumni, the students were provided with an opportunity to learn about drone operations, including flight controls, safety measures, and the principles of aerial photography. The project involved a series of interactive workshops, where the students actively participated in assembling and programming the drones.

Once the drones were ready for flight, the students were thrilled to take them out for test runs in a controlled environment. They learned how to maneuver the drones smoothly through obstacles, improving their coordination and problem-solving abilities. The project also incorporated lessons on drone regulations and ethical considerations, emphasizing the importance of responsible drone usage.

The highlight of the project was the aerial photography session, where the students captured breathtaking images and videos from different perspectives. They were encouraged to explore their creativity and experiment with various camera settings, resulting in stunning visual content. The photos and videos were later shared within the school community, showcasing the students' achievements and the potential of drones in the field of photography.

Overall, the Drone project organized by the FPI (UK) Alumni association proved to be a resounding success. It not only exposed the students to the exciting world of drone technology but also fostered their passion for innovation and exploration. The project left a lasting impact on the students, inspiring them to pursue careers in fields such as engineering, robotics, and aerial cinematography. Thanks to the association's initiative, the school now boasts a new generation of drone enthusiasts ready to shape the future with their expertise and creativity.

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