“Commencement of National Council Formation Initiative at FPI: An Account of the Inaugural Meeting on September 21, 2015”

"On the 21st of September 2015, Dr. Toksy Ogunfemi and PST Alaba Afolabi, visiting from London, held a meeting at FPI Management to engage with the Rector, Dr. Arc OO Aluko, PhD, in advocating for the establishment of a National Council. The meeting was presided over by the Deputy Rector, Dr. Ajayi, and attended by Mr. C. O. A. Adeosun, who was the Registrar at that time, along with Mrs. Pikuda, Mrs. Jiboku, Imam Basha, and Dr. C. Iro Idoro, all of whom are esteemed alumni of the esteemed institution, the Great FPI.

Following the productive meeting, the attendees further solidified their commitments during a dinner gathering, which was also graced by the presence of Arc OO Aluko. This moment marked the inception of our journey."

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