FPI’s Grand 40th Anniversary Celebration: Highlights of Commemorative Events, Cultural Showcases, and Special Presentations

The week-long celebration from March 23rd to 28th, 2019 marked the historic 40th anniversary of FPI, brimming with diverse events and vibrant showcases that encapsulated the institution's legacy and accomplishments.

The festivities commenced with a series of events, starting with the Primary and Secondary School presentations, featuring gifts and cultural dance performances, showcasing the talents and cultural richness nurtured within the Polytechnic's academic environment.

A pivotal highlight was the Anniversary Celebration itself, where the institution presented various gifts, including contributions from FPI's UK Chapter, symbolizing a connection that transcends borders. The Rector, Dr. Arc OO Aluko, PhD, led the presentation to eminent personalities, including the esteemed Kabiyesi (Olu of Ilaro) alongside other notable figures like Past Rectors, Registrars, and members of the Governing Councils.

Acknowledging the contributions of the Alumni UK, the Rector and Deputy Rector presented gifts to the visiting Alumni UK contingent, headed by Pastor Alaba and Dr. A. Ogunfemi, recognizing their ongoing support and dedication.

Amidst the celebratory atmosphere, a novel football match between Yaba Tech and the host institution, FPI, added a competitive yet friendly spirit to the festivities, fostering camaraderie and sportsmanship among the participating institutions.

These events collectively marked a momentous occasion, celebrating not just the institution's illustrious history but also its enduring relationships, cultural diversity, and unwavering commitment to excellence in education and community engagement.

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